Enterprise of Iblis

Adept.mag 12gig fourms

12gig--->General---> Explosions.

platinumfox said

Okay so anyone watching this story coming out of Paris?

LSD said

You mean the gas leak in the Eiffel Tower? Yeah I am watching it. The sleeper media is going crazy. It apparently was preceded by “Halluications” of ghost wandering through the streets. Looks like we got a Breech of the Veil

Nyahkanezzer Said

I bet the Govs are going insane over there. There is no way they can cover up 20 sleepers being blasted apart. I heard this isn’t the only attack they have had.

Coolkingru said

It could just be a regular bomb. Terrorism isn’t just a Magical thing and we shouldn’t just assume it is.

Platinumfox said
Coolkingru said
It could just be a regular bomb. Terrorism isn’t just a Magical thing and we shouldn’t just assume it is.

I would agree except the damage looks… Well it looks like this [link}. That is most definitely magical. From what I have been reading the F.c. over there have been oppressed for the past year. It started small but after the first few attacks a group of unknown guardians all wearing the infectors mask started hunted them down. The Heriach is trying to do something but its just making the organization turn on itself. On the other side the F.c.ers have gone into hiding and are striking back, trying to turn attention towards the Consilli so that they can get help. Its a whirlpool of tension that this could push into an all out wizards war.

Mun Said

Where exactly may I ask are you getting this information? Because that sounds pretty damned stupid and more like the plot of a really bad spy movie than anything that can happen in real life. I know the Awakened world is a little tipsy right but not everything is a plot to bring down a consilli or the end of the world. It’s probably just a sleeper terrorist. I doubt the Paris Awakened would allow this to happen. IF the Fcers are actually hiding away I am sure its like the GFP they are just showing their nonsupport or something. I hardly think its a consilli in peril. Its probably at MOST a cabal of young but way too enthusiastic people trying to awaken and going about it the wrong way.

Platinumfox Said

L8erh8er, a great news source for the Awakened community you should get more informed Mun.
Whats more its true. There have been 10 “gas” leaks over the last year and almost all my informants from paris have either moved or have been off line for about 6 months now. I believe it. Govs are against us and the rest of the orders. They seek to do the exharchs job for them. This proves it. Now its all coming out into the public’s eye and they can’t deny it. There have been repeated attacks on sleepers and Awakened alike and the Guardians have been rushing to cover it up instead of having other consilli help. These Terrorists have out foxed them for a year and they are causing people completely unrelated to them trouble. They are causing disruption in the normally cool city of paris. Whats more that this is happening under what I remember being a relatively open gov rule then it shows how paranoid and easily turned the Govs are. We can’t trust them if even the nice ones are wont to do something like this


Now that is a bit harsh. I don’t think they mean to be that way. I think they just take the idea of martyrdom too far, and they tend to have a bad reputation. If we continue to suspect and blame the guardians aren’t we just playing into the hands of who ever is doing this? We can’t crack on something this important. We have other problems like the tension in the southern U.s. That’s an all out seers vs. us war we can deal with, we need to send people down there to help. Its slowing down but still there’s issues.

Sonanora said

Platinumfox said
Watch me tin hat




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