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It has come to the attentions of the Order that you are harbouring one “Pandora” from the Consilli of Mississippi and prime suspect in the disturbance of Boston that nearly caused irreparable damage to the Boston Veil. We also suspect him to have caused the erasing of a good portion of unknown Guardians from the Boston branch. We wish to warn you of the danger this entity poses to both you and your Cabal as well as the Veil itself. We have before warned you of your Cabal mates antics, including his owning of the dangerous books from that wretched Pentology. We again remind you of your duties to the order should there be any talk of breaking the Veil.

Also we have an Assignment for you. Since you have taken in the Fugitive we ask you keep an eye on him. After last nights little Escapade he is on our watch list. His actions at 8:47pm last night was a near breech of the Veil and we do not trust him to not do more of the same. As such you will file a report to the order A.S.A.P. on the subject and continue to keep us updated on his whereabouts at all times.




First, I would just like it on record that Boston’s Guardians were acting against all of our protocols in their actions on the Fugitive.

I do not agree that he is any threat to the Veil. What happened last night was a one-time thing. An Awakening. A Shadow Play. Beyond his control. You’ll find more information in my report.

Dossier: Mark Caine Jones
Age: 28
DOB: 5/22/1982

Mark was a Mississippi native, orphaned within 2 years of his birth. Any guardian he had died in separate, unintentional accidents. He was sent off to an orphanage. As I understand it, his peers kept having misfortune strike them, and he was ostracized as a result. He Awoke as a Mastigos when his only friend was struck and killed in front of him. Whatever he saw in his Awakening, he felt drawn to something in Boston.

He trained under a Mysterium mage named Mannegeshi, but his progress was slower than it should have been for the duration of his training. He was inducted into the Mysterium upon his release from his apprenticeship.

Several years later, he ended up in Boston. It was probably around this time that my Cabal-mate, Fractal, met Pandora, as he was called then. Eventually, Pandora ended up imprisoned, tortured daily by the Boston Guardians.(I remind you again, that I take issue with his treatment under those Guardians. We must hold ourselves to higher standards than this.) The catastrophe in Boston was caused by the build up of his bad luck curse, unleashing all at once(which probably wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t been caged and tortured.)

It was at this point that Fractal became aware of the situation, and he called our Cabal into the situation. We came in, and saved Pandora in… pretty blatantly obvious events. It was around this point that we realized what was going on with Pandora. He was the host of a Fate Spirit. One that had been behind almost everything that had happened to him.

It is true that Pandora resided in our Sanctum after that. Yesterday, the Spirit bound to his body took control and ran off to his old Mentor to hide. Because Pandora and Fractal had decided to remove it. We tracked it down, secured it, and went to a Canadian mage. The spirit was removed, unfortunately, it seems like the Spirit has removed his Fate, and it turns out that Pandora never properly Awakened. Any magic he has ever used came from the Spirit attached to him.

We brought him back to the Sanctum, and we noticed that he was actually undergoing Awakening. A Shadow Play that led him to our Library. That’s all that happened last night. He Awoke. There is nothing possessing him anymore. He is no threat to the Veil, no more than any other non-Guardian mage.

I believe he will do fine in our Cabal. We… I will personally ensure that.

Dead drop

Explain these Accusations. These are serious statements you are making and I assume you have actual evidence of these actions beside your word. If these things are true we may be able to hold off the Boston Branch and Get the consilli to accept him as one of their own rather than a fugitive.

Obvious Events indeed. There seems to be a large lack of what most fate mages agree is pure people. Can you explain what happened?

Which mage Removed this spirit? What order?

We will reserve Judgment. I expect reports weekly.

How did you know he was awakening? Could he have been faking it? What do you know of the Mysterium break in last night

Dead drop

The lead-up to the erasure of a significant branch of our Order in Boston happened like this:

When we landed in Boston, Fractal established a mental link to Pandora. He found out about Pandora’s condition. Around that moment, the magical construct made of buildings. We quickly dispatched it, and had a meeting with the Nemean. He’s the only other evidence there is of the Boston Guardians deeds. He gave us an ultimatum. Fix Pandora, or give him up for a Scourging, again at the urging of the Guardians. As I understand it, they were completely against even giving a chance at fixing Pandora. They were for performing the Scourging then and there. They weren’t going to wait, and we tried to rescue him as soon as possible. It was around that moment that Pandora blacked out. We couldn’t at the time, so we took a little detour back to Toronto. You might have noticed the anti-magic thing? We fixed that. As soon as that was done, we returned to Boston. We infiltrated the cave where the Scourging Ritual was going to take place. When we were found, most of the Cabal defended Pandora against the local Guardians while Fractal tried to retrieve Pandora’s mind. Defended non-lethally may I add. We might as well have shot him. What Fractal retrieved was not Pandora. It was the Spirit. It erased the Guardians completely. No trace of them left.

I must admit, there’s no evidence I can provide beyond eyewitness testimony.

Anyways, as for the Mage you asked about. He was a Thyrsus Silver Ladder by the name of Poor Singer. He’s down by the Niagara Falls Consilium.

As for last night, Fractal used his Mind powers to realize “Pandora’” condition. We entered Pandora’s Oneiros and watched the Shadow Play as it happened. As far as I can tell, it was the real deal. The break-in happened easily. The Wards didn’t even affect him, as he was Awakening, not Awakened. He pulled books off the stacks in his attempt to ‘solve’ his Shadow Play. By the way, since he didn’t actually Awaken until last night, it’s been theorized that he has been in a Shadow Play for the better part of a decade.

I await your next tasks for me.

Dead drop


I will discuss this with the Order. If this was the spirit we must find out what it is and where its gone, and hopefully we can turn the accusations aside for Pandora. If he was truly not at fault for the erasure then we must find what is and destroy it.

As for the occurrences, I will believe you that its an Awakening though I am concerned as to how a non-awakened got so far in our society.

For now hold firm stay low and keep an eye on Pandora for safeties sake.
Good luck .

Dead drop

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