Enterprise of Iblis


The news source of the Great white north

The latest news in from Paris. It seems that Fractal, The great and Glorious hero, has once more mucked about in another Consilliums business. The Guardians of Paris have been defeated, but not by their F.c.’s own power, but by the power of the great and awesome Fractal. I can only wait for the reports of what he has done to the city this time to cause such things. Better watch out for the Paris metro.

As I have told you before Fractal has not only interfered in the Los Angeles consillium, but also left Boston to die as he chased off after his boyfriend Pandora. THen he brought him up here to become part of us, and now the little sluts going out with someone else, a certain Obrimos. Or is he? Apparently he was seen slutting it up in Paris with his Cabalmate, and not fractal either. What a wonderful addition to our consillium. We will see how long this lasts.

In other news the Free council has lost a dear member of our own, Beil has decided to follow his brother, A Guardian of the Veil who overstepped his boundaries one too many times, into exile. Its rumored that he is being forced. It looks like the Council will have a chance to show their stuff, and one can only hope that it will be something Beil can be proud of.

Sorry for the short update, I have been rather busy.



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