Aeron Delueth was born shortly after the end of world war two on Prince Edward Island and raised her entire life on the island. A nature lover to the core her favourite places to be were out in the woods exploring the island with groups of friends that swarmed around her natural perchance for leadership. She was never a timid child, and that didn’t wane as she grew and blossomed into a Beautiful woman who turned the heads of all the young men, and quiet a few tried their hand at her with little success. She was far to restless to settle down and just live her life in small town anonymity, but she could not afford to leave, and besides her father insisted that she stay until Married. She was trapped.

That is until He arrived.

A Man from the main land moved to the Island, a handsome man with a kind heart and a promise of leaving the island. He liked her and she returned his feelings. They courted for a year as he worked in the near by school and when he was preparing to leave he asked her to come with him. The family loved him and agreed with pleasure. They were married and the next spring left the tiny island she had been on for her whole 20 years behind.

Aeron moved to the city and settled down happily, she got a job as a librarian and he a teacher. On weekends and holidays they went out hiking and riding. At 23 she became pregnant and they began to prepare in earnest. When they finished they went for a weekend at a lake.

It was here that she found her way to the Primal wild and while there gave birth. After she singed the book she found herself in the camp site, but now once more in labour. She was rushed to the hospital but lost the child. The doctors could not explain it but she knew what had happened.

She went into mourning and it was during this time that the Sliver Ladder found her. They explained the child had been born on one of the shifts of their Proximii and that they could train her. She accepted and began to recover.

As she trained though her husband became more and more distant. He didn’t blame her, no, he blamed himself and eventually he could not stand to see her, the memories were too strong. He divorced her, left her the house and vanished. She threw herself into the work in the Silver Ladder.

At 65 Aeron has aged well but that might just be from being a Thrysus. Sharp hazel eyes are framed by a sharp stylish hairdo. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall, her face wrinkled just enough to give her a feeling of age while still showing her beauty from her youth. She tends to dress to impress even when she does not need to, and always wears a pendent shaped like a stylized brush

Personality: Commanding but wise her prideful and restless spirit has endured if become tempered in her time as a mage. She is like a mother over the other Silver Ladders and the mages connected with Her organization because that’s what it is. She sits at the top and continues to watch over them in an almost penance for her lost child.

Players she would know :

Fractal. She will have a working if not motherly relationship with you. She also sends cookies around the sanctum every now and again. They are “Life” cookies and makes you less fatigued.


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