Aelfgifu was never really happy with her name nor her birthplace. She was born in the U.s., where is never specified when asked and pushing it will only result in her saying “Hippyville”. She came to the consillium a little less than ten years ago and declared that she needed the right of hospitality from the Silver Ladder known as Achtland. When they accepted she moved in. A year later though they accepted her into the Cabal formally and since then she has lived here serving both as a Doorwarden and as a Sentinel.


Aerten is dedicated to justice and the idea of people getting what they deserve. She takes the A.A.‘s vows seriously and serves the Consillium with a good record. This does not mean she is inflexible as she believes in the idea behind the law and not the law itself. She will do her duty but she doesn’t obey with out question. This has brought arguments into the various meetings she attends as Gadeirus is often unwilling to call her out on small infractions against the Diamond orders. He trusts her judgment and has even elected her as “head” of the sentinel group for when he is not available to order. He does impress upon her though that if she does step over a line he will not hesitate to defend the unity of his Consillium and this chafes her. She feels that if she is so dedicated to him he should have her back, but she continues to serve.

She is more a detective than a warrior in the role she has been given. She as such has developed her time more than her fate but this allows her to scan any given day and find out if something big is coming. For the few months prior to Fractal getting a phone call from Ibilis (then Pandora) she was tense and warning that trouble was coming. She disliked Ibilis being brought into the Consillium and warned this would cause problems. She doesn’t like him at all.

5 foot 6 with Black curly hair that’s almost always tied into a pony and pale skin. She has blue eyes and a bright and easy smile that always is there. Some silver hair is starting to show up but it just ads to the natural Authority she wields. Her eyes are always clear and searching as if attempting to look into your soul and judge you.

Players who would know her:
Ibilis : He’s been hauled in by her a coupled of times for liberal use of mind magic despite that not really breaking any rules. He dislikes her

Boleyn: She likes you, and trusts you as far as she feels that one can trust a Guardian. She worked closely with you during your previous workings as an interfector and has continued to invite you to her “ladies night out” which you hear is a good time.


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