Burke is a home town boy. Born and raised in Toronto he knows the city inside and out. Son of a wealthy banker and his trophy wife he was on the path to greatness. Smart and charming he always knew just how to play the situation to get people to do things his way. He loved to play with people and see what he could get out of them and often found to his disgust he could get anything he wanted so he would push. He would convince friends to steal, women to cheat, and all by pushing their big red buttons and smiling the whole time. No one ever stopped him, and he never respected them.

Eventually he found himself easily running a large ring of black market dealers, and while he worried about the consequences often he refused to give it up, not until he had seen just how far he could push it. So he pushed the worlds buttons, he played the game, he found “lost” things and sold them , never thinking about what he was doing.

Until the day he awakened.

No one knows what happened, but that’s not unusual. Most Mages aren’t open about it, but he is closed off more than most. What they do know is he came to the Silver Ladder after one of their Proxiimi picked him up on the street preaching about the lie.

Since then he has turned his pushing ways to helping the Silver Ladder. He believes that sitting back and letting the Exarchs do what they like is like being the friends in his sleeper life. You can’t let a person like that push and push after all.

Appearance: Antoni is one of the younger Mages. He is black haired with grey limpid eyes and a mouth that often is fixed in a devil may care grin. As Provost though he does his job well and has rocketed the Toronto Silver Ladder up the ranks. He enjoys making his city the best it can be, and loves when he can show off the city to the rest of his order.

People he would know :

Fractal: Hes pretty much your go to guy after your opposite. He’s not a bad guy, pretty driven to do that whole Attack on the heaven thing though. He is a good Golfer as well and loves to bring you along to show the good relationships the two orders have.


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