Amélie was born in Quebec in 1980 and moved to America with her family early on. She Awoke while in America but soon after moved back to Canada. Rather than return to Quebec she came to Toronto and settled down.

Quiet and shy to a fault she is always in the background. When you can get her to talk she speaks of her views in a soft non threatening voice with just a hint of a french accent. He favourite topics are Atlantis and Psychology. She explains that she believes, being a Psychologist by trade, that the ideas about Atlantis and magic are not quiet wrong. While she doesn’t believe the city existed it is a symbol, a symbol of Magic. She explains that Perhaps Atlantis, as its seen in the views of the diamond mages was simple a symbol in the collective unconscious of the human race. Its what we strive for and prior to the “Fall” we could easily access it or even lived in it.

Otherwise she is quiet and often nervous. She seems to be Paranoid at the best of times and makes sure no one ever sneaks up on her by often sitting in a corner. She is close friends though with Backroom and they can often be found talking about the latest tech they have thought up. They sometimes comes out with mini constructs that run on forces batteries.

Description: She is blessed with Short wavy Brown hair and green eyes that go well with fine french skin. She dresses simply and for the weather, her only frivolity is a pair of goggles and a streak of Green in her hair. She always carries around a lap top in a small back pack.

Players she would know:

Fractal: In the vauge sense that she is THERE right? Also she has a huge and obvious crush on Gonzo

Gonzo: You know who she is but every time she talks to you she looks sick or warm and tends to stop talking half way through sentences.


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