Carroll Demarcy, born Carol Demarcy, was the youngest of 5 siblings who grew up on her fathers farm in Alberta. As she was growing up she never not being like her brothers and as puberty hit she became increasingly uncomfortable with her blossoming body and at sixteen talked to her mother and father. They were accepting of their son and helped him to become who he felt he was. He began taking Hormone pills and discussing option for consoling and surgery. At 18 he graduated and went on to college to major in Political Science at the University Of Toronto.

During this time he became connected to the Various groups of people like him and became acutely aware of the problems of the Community in other countries. Interested he began to talk to various people from America and was invited to a Parade. He happily accepted and flew to New York to meet with his friends, in particular a young Woman named Sophia.

After the Parade they went bar hopping. He and Sophia got too tipsy and shuffled off into a corner for a little one on one time. After they were asked to leave a group of people followed them. This continued for a while until one rushed him and pushed Sophia into an alley way before proceeding to kick his ass. He heard screams from the alley way and saw a knife pierce his chest and then felt no more.

He found himself in the Stigia and journeyed to the watch tower. When he awoke they were gathered around a very still Sophia and he could see the blood. They were laughing and spitting. He tried to concentrate on what to do next but when he heard them saying she deserved it he snapped. He raised his arms and cast the first thing that came to mind.

The reports could not explain how he had wrapped Iron bars around their chests.

When the dust settled he rushed Sophia to a hospital but it was too late. She died in a coma and he went back home. When he came back though The Arrow picked up on him and offered him a chance to protect others like he had Sophia. He took it swearing to not let that happen again.

Discription: Arewen is shorter than most guys, with a wide body and broad face. His eyes are large and doe like and he tends to wear glasses over them. Hes lithe and strong with just a hint of Baby fat still clinging to him despite being 23.

Personality: Arewen choose his name carefully and puts much meaning into it. He tries to be very diplomatic perfering to talk befor fighting. He doesn’t like any loss of life and in fact functions as a healer, learning life magic as well as death and Matter. Part of this is also because he despises being considered female and is quick to react when others mention that he looks a little… Girlish. He normally is fully male as he casts and recasts the spells needed. He is also quick to point out that his name is tradtionally a males name, no matter what Tolkien put it on.

People he would know:

Bolyen: He tends to get sent around the Guardians to work on health issues during Missions since he is relatively useless in a full on fight and can follow them around if there is a need to be silent.


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