Clo Kelley


  • Born in Manitoba on December 12th 1988 to the local first nation tribe.
  • On her sixteenth Birthday went to a party and got drunk. Friend of hers helped her home but on the way raped her.
  • She was left in the woods and nearly froze to death but instead Awakened and was lead home by a demon of steam.
  • was blamed for being raped by her parents. Left home at 18
  • Was taken in by her Cabal and trained. Join the Mysterium.
  • Archeomancer


*black eyes.

*Raven hair

*Broad face

People who would know her:

Ibilis: He knows her from a dig. She tends to focus on Mississippian tribes and cultures. Mark was the only Archeomancer they had in his Consillium so she worked with him. They liked each other since Mark was fascinated by the cultures and respected her.


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