Nerdy spy


Kathryn “Boleyn” Jones

Age: 27
Path: Moros
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Legacy: Masters of Destruction

Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Envy
Flaw: Notoriety(Wanted)

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 3
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure 3

Mental Skills: Investigation 2, Occult 2
Physical Skills: Athletics 1, Firearms 2, Larceny(Infiltration) 2, Stealth 2, Weaponry(Knives) 4
Social Skills: Intimidation 2, Persuasion 2, Subterfuge(Secrets) 3

Occultation 3
Fighting Finesse(Knives) 2
Striking Looks 2
High Speech
Status(Guardians of the Veil) 4 – Epopt
Sanctum(Security) 1(Shared)
Hallow 1(Shared)
Scriptorium(Subtle) 1; Scriptorium(Gross) 1
Quick Draw 1.
Enhanced Item 2(Increased damage).


Health: 8
Mana/Turn: 20/7
Willpower: 6
Gnosis: 7
Wisdom: 6

Magical Tool: The Doctor’s duster

Size: 5
Defense: 3
Initiative: 6
Speed: 9

Arcana: Death 5, Matter 5, Prime 4, Space 4.

Final Sight – Posthumous Accusation: Manipulation(3) + Occult(2) + Death(5).
Suppress Other’s Life – Consign to the Mausoleum: Manipulation(3) + Subterfuge(3+1) + Death(5) vs. Composure + Gnosis.
Apportation – Grasp the Distant Object(because I am not using the FC name): Dexterity(3) + Investigation(2) + Space(3) vs. Composure.

Gaze of Weakness: Weaken an object. Roll: Wits + Weaponry + Death. Optional: At a glance, any object’s function and hidden features/compartments is known instantly.
Falling to Dust: Exactly what it says on the tin. Roll: Wits + Weaponry + Death. Optional: With a touch, the MoD can shape anything similarly to the Matter 3 spell “Plasticity.”
Ghostly Intrusion:

Nimbus: Everything goes dark. Starts off blotchy, then covers everything except for what Boleyn is focusing on.

Experience: 354/405 Spent
Arcane Experience: 56/129 Spent


Born in Texas, Kathryn grew up the only child in her family. Her father was a detective in the local police department, and her mother stayed at home. Kathryn had a normal childhood. She probably would have ended up one of the popular kids in her schools, if she hadn’t made friends with someone who would introduce her to the world of geekdom. As such, her main social group growing up consisted of people who played Pokemon, watched DBZ and Sailor Moon, and loved to read/watch sci-fi. She got a general education in all things nerdy. Her academic education wasn’t too shabby either, and she got automatic admission into any university she wanted.

In her freshman year, she enrolled into a criminal justice class, partly driven by curiosity about her father’s line of work, as he never told her too much about his work. Before the semester was over, she had switched her major to Criminal Justice and had started to hit the gym regularly. She planned to follow her father into the police force.

She eventually found herself drawn to intelligence, however. She toyed with the idea of applying for the CIA’s student programs, and went for it. To her surprise, she got in. She was one of the better students in the program, and when she graduated, she was offered a position in the Agency.(She also managed to find and fall in love with Doctor Who around this time.)

She wasn’t one to just sit in an office and do busywork. She wanted, and eventually got, a chance to work in the field. Hush-hush stuff. Sadly, her first time out there, she found out the hard way that not everyone goes into government jobs because they want to work for their country. More like, some people see opportunities in wet-work missions to gain a bit of cash. She found out her superior was helping a freelancer funnel assets to the enemy. Her superior found out she found out, and not only framed her for it, but told the locals where to find her. She was as good as dead.

She probably did die, when her car was filled with bullets. However, at that moment, Kathryn’s soul connected to the Realm of Stygia, and she wandered among the ruins. She encountered a ruin that contained a riddle. She only guessed half-correctly, so her body was only turned half to stone. She dragged herself up to the Watchtower, and scratched her name into it with her stone hand.

When she returned to the Fallen World, she hadn’t even realized she could do magic, and ran for a smuggler’s airfield to flee the country. As she neared the United States, the pilot ditched the plane, and she had to land in a field to avoid a firy death. She ended up just over the border in Canada, and encountered a fellow Mage named Sam. He could tell she had just Awakened, and taught her the basics of her Arcana. He took her to the Toronto Consilium, where she met her future Cabalmates in untold circumstances.

Recently, she’s received a dossier with information on the person known as Steel Magnolia:

Steel is less an actual shadow name, and more a nom de plume. Regardless of the time lime, this person seems to have been the same during the two centuries this shadow name has been active. She first popped up in 1870 in the American South.

In 1870, there was an incident involving a high-ranking mage in a small consilium, who slaughtered all the Union soldiers in his Consilium. When the Guardians caught up to him, he seemed to have no recollection. Leaving him lightly guarded, they went to his house, and found the actual Mage, dead, and desecrated. When they returned, the two guards were slaughtered in a similar way, and their souls were…gone. They weren’t sent to the underworld, they weren’t…anywhere.

This sort of thing has been happening throughout the country, to various Consilii, with no order or pattern. The latest target was a Guardian named Steel Magnolia, True Name Jenny…from Mississippi

Signs of this Mage: Their victims will start behaving strangely. More irrational, quicker to attack, able to use 2 Arcana simultaneously.

This person keeps leaving letters, mocking the Guardians. 1 letter, keeps talking about the Exarchs’ Blessing. This Legacy has thus been named Exarchs’ Blessing. It seems that upon devouring a victim, they ‘Ascend’ temporarily.


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