A re-reborn mastigos


Name: Iblis
Quote: “Better to rule in hell…”
Order: Mysterium
Path: Mastigos (Sphinx)
Age: 28 (23 Visible)

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2 , Wits 3 , Resolve 4
Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Social Attributes: Presence 2 , Manipulation 2 , Composure 3

Mental Skills: Academics: 3 Crafts: 2 Investigation: 3 Occult: 3
Physical Skills: Athletics: 2 Brawl: 2 Firearms: 2 Survival: 3 Weaponry:2
Social Skills: Empathy: 2 Intimidation : 3

High speech, Language : Atlantian, Ancient Lands Awakening GoG p23 Dream : 2

Flaw: Notoriety.
Addiction: Vampires blood

Wisdom: 7
Dedicated Magical Tool:
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Wrath
Size: 5
Initiative: 6
Health: 7
Defense: 3

Gnosis: 5
Arcana: Mind: 4 Space: 5 Fate: 3 Forces: 2 Spirit: 2

Rotes :
The Imperial Path: “Portal” (Space •••); Presence +
Persuasion + Space = 6
Kiss of the Airborne Razor: “Ranged Blow” (Space
•••); Strength + Athletics + Space = 11
Adamantine Arrow Rote: Shock
Dice Pool: Dexterity + Athletics +
Forces= 11
Guardians of the Veil Rote: Deliberate
Dice Pool: Strength + Athletics +
Forces – Defense = 8
Normal: 241
Spent: 241
Unspent: 0

Spent: 24
Unspent: 1

1st: Hidden Meaning

2nd: Truth Without Knowledge

Dedicated tools:
Mastigos: whip
Mysterum: book
Mind: dairy
Fate: Deck of cards
Forces: Book light


Mark Caine Jones was born May 22nd 1982 in Biloxi Mississippi in . His early life was fraught with hardships, as his Parents, Grandparents and Aunt and Uncle died with in a year and a half of him being born, all in separate and obviously unintentional incidents. Mark was raised then in a church run orphanage. Unfortunately he seemed to attract bad luck like a magnate, though it never adversely effected him, and so those around him continued to get hurt. This caused people to Avoid him and the nick name “Lucky” to be ironically attracted. Due to this he was constantly evaluated and told he was not trying hard enough to make friends, and when he fell into a depression, which he often did as he got older, he was not tolerated in the least. His only constant friend was Jenny, a girl from down the road who was not only tough but kind. Not Afraid of Mark she soon became his only companion. She taught him how to be cheerful and kind, and He soon learned to separate his feelings from how he acted. He soon found himself becoming more popular. A Growth spurt helped as by age 13 he was strong enough, and large enough, to play running back on the football team. For a while things seemed to be looking up.
Up until his Sixteenth birthday
It was the weekend of the big game, he had just beaten their rival school, and in Church he had been praised for his god given talents. Jenny, who had grown by now into a beautiful and kind woman, had even asked him to meet her at the old Cross road for a talk and now she was blushing and talking to him asking him about the homecoming dance. He was about to ask her when a truck came careening around the corner and struck Jenny full force and Mark felt himself being pulled down away from her.

What he experienced there was traumatizing, and only a few know of it. In “Pandemonium” he watched as Demons tortured raped and killed Jenny, and then turned to him. He managed to break free and killed the lead demon, but found himself being chased towards the tower, which he took refuge in. He climbed to the top but rather than finding a book he found a Gauntlet, which he put on. It took control of his hands and ripped his eyes out, replacing them with eyes that reflected the world around him, and which shone in the dark. It then painted his name upon the brick and he awoke in a hospital in Georgia with the last words “find Pandora’s box” ringing in his mind. Beside him was Mannegeshi, who introduced himself as Anabasbi. From that lie grew a Mentor ship where the older mastigos, a long standing member of the “teach through experience” ideals, proceeded to try to force the overly reluctant and fearful of his own powers “Pandora” into learning. Though it worked Pandora was still not capable as he should be, more concerned with his quest to find the box and end the curse that still plagued him, driven by the demons who spoke of normality if he would do them this one thing. He finally was released and immediately went into the Mysterum. He spent 7 years concocting a plan with the knowledge he gained through both the mysterum and the Legacy of the Sphinx, and put it into action. He acquired a vampire Named Jorge, bound him to himself, and unwittingly bound himself to him. He left, and was set upon by a Vampiress who had her own plans. When he got out he contacted the people he had gathered to help him with the box and put his second part of the plan into action.

Though he had been rescued and accepted back into the fold, he was on watch and after leading his newly formed cabal into the jaws of danger again, he was arrested where he spent 5 long months in captivity, being tortured as Guardians became disgusted with him, and the vampire blood slowly wore off. His Bad luck though, unable to escape naturally, built up, and soon released to devastating consequences. In the confusion he has lost them and now figures they are better off that way.

Meanwhile he has been shacking up with the ____ with his fellow Sphinx Fractal. The older Sphinx seems to have begun to try to help Pandora get back to his path. This includes a botched removal of a Fate spirit, the source of all his bad luck, which caused his soul, which had never fully awakened, to rebound, causing him to reawaken violently, with a Shadow play that dragged him to the Mysterium Aethenea on a rampage for knowledge. Choosing his path once more he came down, his soul buoying to where it should have been after all these years. Pandora, now Iblis kicked out of the Mysterium, unable to leave the proverbial sight of Fractal, not allowed in the U.s. again and completely lacking a fate, now seeks to make his own way.

Even if that means Dragging fractal along.


Enterprise of Iblis Pandorashope