Enterprise of Iblis

In which we have much discussion on mage fashion

Game three opens to a normal early spring day in Toronto. The Four members of The flying Circus are preparing for the Caucus

The news source of the Great white north

The latest news in from Paris. It seems that Fractal, The great and Glorious hero, has once more mucked about in another Consilliums business. The Guardians of Paris have been defeated, but not by their F.c.’s own power, but by the power of the great and awesome Fractal. I can only wait for the reports of what he has done to the city this time to cause such things. Better watch out for the Paris metro.

As I have told you before Fractal has not only interfered in the Los Angeles consillium, but also left Boston to die as he chased off after his boyfriend Pandora. THen he brought him up here to become part of us, and now the little sluts going out with someone else, a certain Obrimos. Or is he? Apparently he was seen slutting it up in Paris with his Cabalmate, and not fractal either. What a wonderful addition to our consillium. We will see how long this lasts.

In other news the Free council has lost a dear member of our own, Beil has decided to follow his brother, A Guardian of the Veil who overstepped his boundaries one too many times, into exile. Its rumored that he is being forced. It looks like the Council will have a chance to show their stuff, and one can only hope that it will be something Beil can be proud of.

Sorry for the short update, I have been rather busy.

Adventure log
2.1- 2.3

Our story begins with a simple mission drop. Boleyn, Moros Guardian of the Veil and Edgetender of The Flying Circus Cabal, is handed a package. No note and the person, someone she recognizes as being a new member clumsily hands it off to her and walks away trying in vain to not look completely suspicious. She shrugs and heads home hoping its an old fashioned mission briefing.

At home she opens the package and finds an old record. Turning it over she sees that is magicked but assumes that she should play it. Its about this time that Iblis, the newest member of the Cabal, Mastigos and now completely orderless wanders in. Admist the pound heavy German rock he sits down to listen and stare. After a moment both catch on that the sounds have Atlantian in them and a lot of Atlantian imagery, and then Fractal comes in. When the record stops Boleyn looks puzzled. Fractal suggests they flip the record around and try that since its a common gimmick. That is when they began to hear a discussion in Atlantian English and German simultaneously about how the hierarchy is evil. Magic begins to glow and as the last few sentences die away the spell lashes out at the three of them. Iblis, caught off guard is the first to be taken and though she tries to hold out Boleyn too gets bowled over by the spell. Fractal on the other hand has a shield up and escapes. He manages to Counterspell Boleyn
When the Magic dies down Fractal looks over at his two Cabal mates. Both seemed dazed and shaking their heads. Unfortunately Iblis seems to be under a spell if his pattern is to be believed. AS Fractal tries to figure out the spell the Iblis begins to deride his Prior order, the Mysterium. The spell seems stuck on Iblis who is quickly accepting his new ideas and attempting to look less “stuffy” via a stick of eye liner from Boleyn’s bag. Mean while Boleyn is calling the Guardians, who are shocked she listened to the Record, only to find out the incompetent new boy left the note that specifically gave Boleyn orders NOT to listen to it, as well as her mission. She is to hunt down and take care of the problem through any means necessary. This band can not be allowed to continue production of this record due to their being mass awakenings all over the world connected with it.

Iblis mean while is awoken and disgusted with the gunk on his face. He begs Boleyn to take it off via her attainment, which she does happily. Iblis then gets hit in the head via a well placed scroll from the Mysterium. It basically announces in stuffy grand wording that if he investigates the spell and gives them a report on it they will consider reinstating his Mysterium membership, though he will have to go through the ranks. Boleyn meanwhile is emailing in order to get her details including a list of places and Consilli that have been effected by the Awakenings.

Iblis asks if he can use the internet off Fractals computer since his was taken a month earlier after he was cast out from the Mysteriums. When given it he quickly logs onto Adept.mag, Explaining that in the prior consillium he was in he was technically the Emissary to the Free council and rather liked his counterpart there. She kept trying to convince him over and even went so far as to lend him her account. When she died of an unfortunate accident a note was left giving him access to use “honourably.” (well It was more like “don’t do anything I wouldn’t :p” ) but…

Anyway after about two hours of searching he finds what he needs. The group is from (or at least does their business in ) Germany and they are well known propagandists for the Free Council. They are Definitely mages but obviously don’t use their stage names as their shadow names. They also seem to use a disguising technique since no Free Council group claims them as members. There is also a tour schedule for this year. When Boleyn spots that her list matches she suggests we go find a place the Awakenings have happened. Iblis suggest Paris and he ports them outside of Paris. Unfortunately he gets a bedlem and due to having never actually provoked one before, fails to eat it.

Iblis is now narcissistic. hurrah .

The Guardians arrive and start to scold him, Iblis snubs them. Luckily Boleyn save the day by shutting Iblis up and asking politely to see the Epopt since she has a mission from Chernabog. They are lead by the Guardians, the two sphinx listening into the french via their attainment and Boleyn knowing it from high school. They are basically sounding worried and asking why they had to show up at a time like this. Iblis is miffed and even more so when they leave them outside for about six hours. Iblis rants, Boleyn listens and Fractal.. sleeps. When he finally shuts up the Guardians invite them in. The Epopt of the Consillium greets them and next to him is Chernabog. They apologize for the inconvenience and settles them down into a spare Sanctum for the time. The Epopt warns that right now is not a safe time for Free Councillors in Paris and to watch their step. They are sent away. Iblis suggest that they split up, He and Boleyn go to the Anthenium where he can at least get a look at the record, and Fractal go find the Free council.

Iblis brings Boleyn to the Paris Athenium and after a few moments of signs and code words gets them in along with a donation of wisdom. They once more listen to the record and then forget to shut it off so the spell doesn’t go off. Iblis has a mind shield up but it was overwhelmed and Boleyn had no shield up so both once more fall under the spell. Mind you they essentially have no idea what Anarchy is and so instead of setting fired to various things they express their low levels (respectively 1 and 2) of anarchy through going out and getting drunk. First though Iblis convinces Boleyn to cast vulgar magic, and leads her though it. Hence we acquire our fourth Cabal member, Gonzo of the free council and his bed.

Leaving the bed behind they take gonzo out to find bars for them. They proceed to get wasted and rant horribly about their respective Orders. Gonzo leaves sensing he needs help from Fractal. They then turn to the topic of Sex and find out that they can screw the Orders by screwing. Iblis, pulling off a spectacular combo of emotional urging and seduction, manages not only to get her in bed once, twice or three times but all night long, and well into the morning. They spend the rest of their time discussing the spell they are under and trying to see how deep it goes.

It turns out that the spell only messes with a persons perception of Hierarchy and is relative to boot. They hypothesize that the reason they are relatively reasonable Assuming that the diamond orders were not what the spell was meant for but rather people who had been “primed” via listening to the band often enough, then this spell is potentially dangerous.

They return to Their room for a little more alone time when Gonzo returns with Fractal in tow and the spells are dispelled mid coitus. Awkwardness ensues followed by quick explanations of their findings.

Fractal and Gonzo decide to take Iblis back to the sanctum

Adept.mag 12gig fourms
12gig--->General---> Explosions.

platinumfox said

Okay so anyone watching this story coming out of Paris?

LSD said

You mean the gas leak in the Eiffel Tower? Yeah I am watching it. The sleeper media is going crazy. It apparently was preceded by “Halluications” of ghost wandering through the streets. Looks like we got a Breech of the Veil

Nyahkanezzer Said

I bet the Govs are going insane over there. There is no way they can cover up 20 sleepers being blasted apart. I heard this isn’t the only attack they have had.

Coolkingru said

It could just be a regular bomb. Terrorism isn’t just a Magical thing and we shouldn’t just assume it is.

Platinumfox said
Coolkingru said
It could just be a regular bomb. Terrorism isn’t just a Magical thing and we shouldn’t just assume it is.

I would agree except the damage looks… Well it looks like this [link}. That is most definitely magical. From what I have been reading the F.c. over there have been oppressed for the past year. It started small but after the first few attacks a group of unknown guardians all wearing the infectors mask started hunted them down. The Heriach is trying to do something but its just making the organization turn on itself. On the other side the F.c.ers have gone into hiding and are striking back, trying to turn attention towards the Consilli so that they can get help. Its a whirlpool of tension that this could push into an all out wizards war.

Mun Said

Where exactly may I ask are you getting this information? Because that sounds pretty damned stupid and more like the plot of a really bad spy movie than anything that can happen in real life. I know the Awakened world is a little tipsy right but not everything is a plot to bring down a consilli or the end of the world. It’s probably just a sleeper terrorist. I doubt the Paris Awakened would allow this to happen. IF the Fcers are actually hiding away I am sure its like the GFP they are just showing their nonsupport or something. I hardly think its a consilli in peril. Its probably at MOST a cabal of young but way too enthusiastic people trying to awaken and going about it the wrong way.

Platinumfox Said

L8erh8er, a great news source for the Awakened community you should get more informed Mun.
Whats more its true. There have been 10 “gas” leaks over the last year and almost all my informants from paris have either moved or have been off line for about 6 months now. I believe it. Govs are against us and the rest of the orders. They seek to do the exharchs job for them. This proves it. Now its all coming out into the public’s eye and they can’t deny it. There have been repeated attacks on sleepers and Awakened alike and the Guardians have been rushing to cover it up instead of having other consilli help. These Terrorists have out foxed them for a year and they are causing people completely unrelated to them trouble. They are causing disruption in the normally cool city of paris. Whats more that this is happening under what I remember being a relatively open gov rule then it shows how paranoid and easily turned the Govs are. We can’t trust them if even the nice ones are wont to do something like this


Now that is a bit harsh. I don’t think they mean to be that way. I think they just take the idea of martyrdom too far, and they tend to have a bad reputation. If we continue to suspect and blame the guardians aren’t we just playing into the hands of who ever is doing this? We can’t crack on something this important. We have other problems like the tension in the southern U.s. That’s an all out seers vs. us war we can deal with, we need to send people down there to help. Its slowing down but still there’s issues.

Sonanora said

Platinumfox said
Watch me tin hat


Entry From the Journal of one "Ahriman" also know as "Iblis " formerly "Pandora"
why did he leave this on the table?

March 6th 2011,

After the Mysteriums ransacking of my mind last night and their orders to return all items by midnight tonight, including my notes and journals, I find myself once more having to began a journal again, this time for no other reason than I feel ready to explode.

Its devastating to now realize that not only did I spend incalculable hours of my life from the moment of my awakening to now vainly plotting, planning, sacrificing and climbing the Mysterium for no other reason than to find a box that may not have existed, but also that I end my time as such with little more to show for it than an Addiction to Vampire blood and the ruins of a life wasted. I bought into the Lie again and again, struggled to find something that was no more than a shimmering mirage in the vast desert of my Awakening, and listened to a will that was not my own. I am disgusted by my actions but also horrified at my ending.

I have lost 10 years of my life in what amounts to a week. I watched as the Mysterium took my box, all I owned in the Magical world, and catalogued tagged and stored them away in their vaults, to no doubt be read, reread, and thrice copied for study. That much I can still remember about their ways. I could feel the last visage of pride and the last little bit of hope for a pardon from my fellow mystagogues fade. Though to be honest I might have expected this last night when they asked me to drop my defences so they could remove the memories. I even now grasp at straws to remember the Thesis, though I know its in vain.

I was told, rather bluntly, that I was going to have to show my wisdom had not been tainted due to this turn of events. I was not only a new My Mage in the Consilii but I also had an unfortunate track record over the last few months. AS far as they are concerned if I want to get back into their midst I must earn it. I am told I will be contacted with my first job after a 3 month probationary period in which I will be closely observed.

To be honest I am not sure I WANT to return. Everything is spinning far too fast. I have just realized my entire awakening, hell my entire life has been controlled by that THING. I chose my old path because I felt it right, my path, where I needed to be, but I now feel even that was a hasty decision. Could I have been better on the other paths ?

Not that that matters now. I have chosen, I have turned onto this path and taken the name of the one whom I seek to Emulate. Its appropriate I guess. I named myself after Ahriman, though I dare not take the name on out loud, choosing instead to take the well know form from the Muslim traditions, one full of pride. A shadow Shadow name if you will. It fits, and since few of the Cabal, nor many I would think in the consilli would know the story behind the two names I feel Its better they don’t understand and rather think of me playing to stereotype. I will tell my new cabal mates, whom ever they may be, when I am ready.

Now though I must ponder if I want to be in the Mysterium, if I really believe in what they are and what they do. I need to find my own path and that means thinking, learning, considering until I know whats right. I have been given a new beginning, and I will not waste it.

Dead drop
For Boleyns eyes only


It has come to the attentions of the Order that you are harbouring one “Pandora” from the Consilli of Mississippi and prime suspect in the disturbance of Boston that nearly caused irreparable damage to the Boston Veil. We also suspect him to have caused the erasing of a good portion of unknown Guardians from the Boston branch. We wish to warn you of the danger this entity poses to both you and your Cabal as well as the Veil itself. We have before warned you of your Cabal mates antics, including his owning of the dangerous books from that wretched Pentology. We again remind you of your duties to the order should there be any talk of breaking the Veil.

Also we have an Assignment for you. Since you have taken in the Fugitive we ask you keep an eye on him. After last nights little Escapade he is on our watch list. His actions at 8:47pm last night was a near breech of the Veil and we do not trust him to not do more of the same. As such you will file a report to the order A.S.A.P. on the subject and continue to keep us updated on his whereabouts at all times.


An email from Fogeyfogger183

From: Basement <fogeyfogger183>
To: Fractal <fractal>


I heard about you getting stuck with the BBBOBL. Sorry to hear that bro, but hey I also heard you made him do something AWESOME.

I mean man! That was a Troll if I ever saw one, Making a Mysterium break into his own club house and screw the rules. That’s like convincing a Catholic nun to STREAK. :D How did you do it? Get him drunk? Stone? High on meth?

I heard he came bursting through the door screaming something about “Knowledge.” He burst through the guards WITHOUT MAGIC and just RAN through. I heard he didn’t stop until he ran into a WALL.

Whats more the Old men are tearing their hair out trying to figure out what to do. They are saying it was an Awakening or something, which can’t be possible, from what I understand Dora the Explora was at least rank three, and I say WAS because from what I understand they kicked him out. They wanted me there because they damned near took a bite out of you, I had to reminded them that the F.c. wouldn’t pull that shit, not even an insane one like you. They were talking about spying and some shit

Man dude what happened? I have a bet with Borders and Renfair that he was just faking but they think it was legit.

anyway signing off



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