Awakened Canada

(preemptive flame shield: this is world of darkness, this is not truly how I view canada.)

Canada, the Great white north, 9,984,670 km2 of land that stretches across the upper portion of North America, from the 49th parallel up through the arctic circle. With only 34,376,000 people with in its borders it is a vast and nearly untouched wilderness with vast and well managed natural resources in some parts, while in others it bustles and moves at a break neck pace. The culture in this country is one of humble pride, good-natured sarcasm and pride in their heritage. They stress in their schools and on their podiums the idea of a Cultural Mosaic, the idea that each culture can live side by side in their own ways, separate but working together. This shows strongly in the way they run their country. The Mostly french Province of Quebec is allowed to keep their mother tongue, along with New Brunswick. Native Canadians are honoured, Single payer health care is the norm and Gay marriage is legal in All the provinces and Territories. Canada is a good place to be.

At least, that’s what it looks like from the outside looking in.

There has long been a fear in the hearts of those from the north, of something dark and Dangerous lurking just beneath the surface. Loss of control terrifies the Canadian people as if something dark lurks in their collective memories, reminders of a dark terrible chaotic time beyond thought. Their actions, when you look deeper, resonate with the same sense of strangeness simmering just below the surface. Yes the Quebecois are allowed to keep their language and treated differently, but they also are resented and looked down upon. Yes the natives are Praised but they are also shoved to the side and ignored unless they need to be trotted out to show off. Gay Marriage is still hotly contested and the Single payer health care is slow and labour intensive.
Yes Canada is a cultural mosaic, but the lines of grout are at times broad and separating rather than respectful and cementing, and cracks have begun to form as the years go on.

This leaks through most strongly for the Awakened of Canada. Awakened Canada is a mosaic, All Pentacle mages are valued here, and the divide between them is less than their American counter parts. Yet its there, beneath the surface, a sort of deep flowing resentment.

Awakened Canada

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