"The Dice"

The Dice are a five person Cabal in the Toronto consillium. It consists of Basement Borders Renfair Backroom and Con They formed about a year ago and while they are a cross-order Cabal they are very Free Council in practice. Con and Borders forced at least the Right of Crossing and Hospitality but otherwise were defeated. The main goal of the Cabal is a Free Council for sure. They claim that they each see a whole group of sleepers on the verge of Awakening and have declared themselves their keepers. They integrate themselves into the various Geek Communities and trowel them for awakenings.

Con takes the Conventions, often using Life magic to blend in and watching the formations of Fandoms surrounding Fantasy shows and how they come together, believing that Fantasy is the echo of Atlantis in the sleepers.

His Girlfriend, Renfair, takes the communities who are more physical. She is a group of any number of Historical recreation groups across Canada and the U.S. and often finds herself travailing to meetings. Her thoughts are that these are people disposition to the fight against the Followers of the Lie.

Borders concentrates on the comic book crowd, he firmly believes that some of the human minds that create these things have had a brush with something from Atlantis and that if he can track the pattern across comic books he can find what he is searching for, a mystery of Atlantis.

Backroom takes the View that the Awakenings will come from the Anonymity that brews in the edges of the society that the Hierarchical societies, both awakened and Sleeper, creates. He finds his people in the Anonymous reaches of the internet and fights the intrusion of any Structure from the outside world.

Basement on the other hand believes all of them are right but the closest is the Community of the Role players. He inserts himself into the Larping and TTG communities. (he leaves online gaming to the others but is also interested in palaces like PGR.Net and Oblivion Portal) He is the local Larping head Storyteller, and often is busy using his time powers to create the worlds he hopes will awaken more. He is not well liked by the Guardians as he is always skirting too much info.

They live together in a small Apartment just a small walk from their Sanctum which is an old converted strip Mall. They each run a store according to those they want to look at. They also Created a Neutral ground Bar for the Toronto Consillium called “Atlantis”.

"The Dice"

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